For nearly a decade, IAAS has established itself as a reputable professional accounting and audit services firm in Dubai. Led by qualified chartered accountants, we offer a wide range of quality services to a diverse clientele, as per their business requirements. Our team comprises passionate professionals who excel in their respective fields, ensuring that our clients receive the best experience and achieve outstanding results.

At IAAS, we understand the unique needs of our clients and strive to tailor our high-quality accounting, auditing, and business consulting services to help them reach their business goals and financial prospects with increased profitability. Our team of experienced chartered accountants in Dubai goes beyond traditional accounting and financial services, aiming to provide comprehensive solutions that bring the best outcomes for our clients.

As one of the top audit firms in Dubai and across the UAE, we offer cutting-edge accounting and audit solutions to support the successful growth and expansion of businesses. Our services are executed with utmost adherence to ethics, ensuring the highest standards of professionalism. The Accounting & Bookkeeping experts at IAAS provide a comprehensive range of services, including Accounting & Bookkeeping, Auditing, Taxation services,Due Diligence, Digital Marketing and more. We assist businesses in complying with UAE tax and accounting laws without compromising on quality and ethics. When it comes to selecting an accounting or audit firm in Dubai, IAAS is the prime choice, as we have the expertise to tackle any financial challenges that businesses may encounter.

Financial Accounting

IAAS stands as a premier accounting firm in Dubai, offering exceptional bookkeeping, and accounting services throughout Dubai and the UAE. Our dedicated team at IAAS is committed to providing comprehensive accounting solutions that align with your business needs and long-term objectives. We take the time to understand your unique requirements, enabling us to deliver tailor-made services that cater to your specific business demands.
With our wide range of accounting services in Dubai, including Account Reconciliation Services, Updating of Backlog Accounts Services, Bookkeeping Services, Financial Reporting Services, and more, we empower your business to operate efficiently within the UAE. Our aim is to ensure that your financial matters are handled diligently, enabling you to focus on running your business smoothly and productively.
accounting and bookkeeping

Accounting & Bookkeeping

IAAS is one of the leading accounting companies in Dubai that offers robust, reliable, and efficient accounting services across the UAE. We are a team of....

Financial Reporting

In today’s complex and ever-evolving business environment, accurate financial reporting is crucial for organizations to make informed decisions, comply with....
Accounting Supervision in Dubai UAE

Accounting Supervision

IAAS offers accounting supervision services to ensure the accuracy and integrity of your financial records. Our experienced....

Backlog Accounting

When a company falls behind on its accounting tasks, it can create a significant backlog that hampers financial visibility and decision-making. IAAS offers specialized....

Accounting for Startup’s

For startups, managing financial operations effectively is crucial for sustainable growth. IAAS offers specialized accounting....


For any newly founded company, managing employee payroll can be a big challenge. This becomes more pronounced when the founders and senior leadership teams are....
Inventory Verification Service in Dubai UAE

Inventory Verification

Inventory Verification helps the company reduce the loss of inventory to a great extent, providing assurance to the management that the inventory reflected....

Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Assets are the investment made by a Company in a tangible form, which is used for its operations to generate revenue. In manufacturing companies, fixed assets....

Audit & Assurance

Every business recognizes the importance of audit and assurance services in effectively monitoring their financial transactions. IAAS understands this critical need and goes beyond mere record inspection and approval processes. Our Audit and Assurance Services in Dubai, UAE are designed to provide transparent and systematic financial statement audits, offering valuable insights into your business.
Our team of professional auditors in Dubai is dedicated to conducting precise, comprehensive, and balanced audits that adhere to regulatory requirements. By availing our reliable audit services, you can ensure that your business remains compliant with UAE laws, regulations, and accounting standards. We place utmost importance on accuracy and compliance, providing you with the assurance and confidence necessary to meet your business obligations effectively.

External Audit Services

An external audit refers to an impartial evaluation of a company’s financial statements conducted by an independent party. The primary goal of an external audit is to provide an unbiased assurance that the financial statements accurately and fairly represent the financial position of the company, without any significant misstatements. External audits play a crucial role in enhancing internal controls within a company. By thoroughly examining the financial statements, auditors can identify areas where internal controls may be strengthened or improved, thus promoting operational efficiency and mitigating the risk of fraud or errors.
Furthermore, external audits contribute to the credibility of a company’s financial information. The independent assessment conducted by auditors adds a level of trust and confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the financial statements, both for internal stakeholders such as management and employees, as well as external parties like investors, creditors, and regulatory bodies.
Overall, an external audit serves as a valuable tool in providing assurance about a company’s financial performance and instilling confidence in the accuracy and transparency of its financial reporting processes.
Financial Statements Audit in Dubai UAE

Financial Statements Audit

It has never been more important to have confidence in a financial statements audit. Audit quality is of fundamental importance for maintaining trust in the financial....

Compliance Audit

IAAS provide audit services of highest standards complying with the international auditing standards and keep up strict quality control procedures. Over the....

Statutory Audit

IAAS is committed to delivering comprehensive statutory audit services that uphold the highest standards of accuracy and transparency....
Special Purpose Audit Services in Dubai UAE

Special Purpose Audit

As IAAS, we provide independent special purpose audits in a range of areas, depending on your company’s needs. Other than independent financial statement....

Internal Audit Services

Internal audit services play a vital role in organizations by providing independent, objective assurance and consulting activities aimed at adding value and improving operations. The primary objective of internal audit is to assist the organization in achieving its goals by employing a systematic, thorough, and disciplined approach to assess and enhance the effectiveness of risk management, governance processes, and controls.
Internal auditing is conducted by internal auditors who fulfill the information requirements of management. It serves as an independent appraisal activity within the organization, providing a valuable service by reviewing operations and offering insights and recommendations for improvement.
The purpose of internal audit is to provide management with valuable information and insights regarding the organization’s operations, risk management practices, and internal controls. By conducting regular internal audits, organizations can identify areas for improvement, strengthen governance processes, and ensure effective risk management practices are in place.
Overall, internal audit services serve as a valuable tool for organizations, providing independent and objective assessments that help in enhancing operations, managing risks, and achieving organizational objectives.

Financial/Controls Audit

Compliance Audit

Operational Audit

Information Systems (IS) Audits

Special Audit for management

Potential procedural and accounting irregularities not only bring forth penal sanctions for the company, but also cause third parties serious damage,....

IFRS Advisory Services

Technical accounting and IFRS advice tailored to your business Almost every business in the UAE with a statutory reporting requirement has to follow International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The increasing complexity of financial reporting and the rapid pace of change has led to significant increase in demand for expert accounting advice. IAAS UAE has a specialist team together with the support of IAAS IFRS team to help businesses with complex accounting matters in an expert capacity.
Our service offering in each technical area includes:
• Specialist technical advice
• Implementation services of new accounting standards
• Forensic/expert witness services in application of accounting standards
• Training
• Preparation of accounting manual and policies
• Preparation of financial statements

Due Diligence

A due diligence audit is a procedure for evaluating a company’s financial health and performance. It helps to understand the company’s abilities, target audience, potential clients, and profit-making abilities. Generally, companies expect due diligence audit services to create an audit report during business mergers and acquisitions. It helps in decision-making by putting all risks and opportunities in front of you. Although due diligence audits can be required by law, they are most typically used in voluntary investigations.
Objectives of Due Diligence Audit
• To avoid a poor business arrangement
• Ensure that the deal meets investment or acquisition requirements.
• To assess the risks and opportunities associated with a potential transaction
• To reduce the likelihood of unpleasant surprises after the transaction
• To investigate business matters as a prudent businessperson
• To verify all material facts concerning the business
• To verify that the company is what it claims to be
• To build trust between two independent parties

Types of Due Diligence Audit
• Financial Due Diligence
• Commercial Due Diligence
• Operational Due Diligence
• Legal Due Diligence

IAAS provides one of the successful Due Diligence Audit services in UAE. We provide all types of due diligence audit services that can help you decide to merge or buy a company in Dubai and UAE without any hassles.


The taxation landscape in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other GCC countries is undergoing rapid transformation. New regulations have given rise to intricate compliance procedures and filing requirements for businesses operating in these regions. In 2018, the UAE implemented the Value Added Tax (VAT), an indirect tax imposed on the consumption or use of goods and services. Additionally, Corporate Tax is also starting from 2023 and its regulations are also an important aspect of the UAE tax system as.

At IAAS, our team of tax professionals offers a comprehensive range of services across various tax disciplines to help you navigate these evolving tax dynamics. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, coupled with advanced technology platforms, we are well-equipped to be your trusted partner for all your tax-related needs. Our expertise extends to business tax, international tax, transaction tax, and tax matters pertaining to individuals, compliance, reporting, legislation, and corporate tax in the UAE. We invite you to leverage our in-depth understanding, insights, and strategic guidance to drive your success in this complex tax landscape. Search with a tax advisor near me to discover our company.

Value Added Tax (VAT) Services

Value-Added Tax (VAT) is a tax on the consumption or use of goods and services levied at the point of sale. VAT is a form of indirect tax and is used in more than 180 countries around the world. All OECD countries except for the US have VAT (or a variation). While it feels exactly the same as a general sales tax to end-consumers, VAT is a more sophisticated tax and overcomes many challenges that affect the general sales tax.
VAT is charged at each step of the ‘supply chain’. End consumers generally bear the VAT cost while registered businesses collect and account for the tax, in a way acting as a tax collector on behalf of the Federal Tax Authority. Only VAT registered businesses will need to charge and account for VAT.
Our professional team can review your status and compliance obligations for VAT. Please note, failure to register your business when you meet minimum requirements will result in government fines.

VAT Registration

Embarking on a new business venture requires meticulous attention to regulatory requirements. Our Registration Service simplifies this process, offering....

VAT Deregistration

When it comes to winding down or restructuring your business, our De-Registration Service provides comprehensive support to navigate....

VAT Implementation

Embarking on Value Added Tax (VAT) implementation is a significant milestone for businesses, requiring careful planning and execution. Our VAT Implementation....

VAT Health Check

Ensure the health and compliance of your VAT processes with our comprehensive VAT Health Check Reviews. Our expert service is designed to assess and optimize....

Impact Assessment

Our Impact Assessment process encompasses a thorough analysis of various factors, including operational workflows, employee roles,....

VAT Return Filing

VAT Return filing is the official tax report a registered business has to submit to the Federal Tax Authority before the due date. It is to be done by the taxable Person....

Corporate Tax Services

In January 2022, The Ministry of Finance announced that the UAE government will be implementing Federal Corporate Tax (CT) on the net profit of businesses. The Corporate Tax in UAE will be effective from the 1st of June 2023. Corporate Tax or Corporate Income Tax or Business Profits Tax will be applicable on or after the 1st of June 2023 depending on the financial year followed by the businesses, and from there on, all over the country, every business apart from the exempted group will be subjected to CT. Corporate tax is a type of direct tax imposed on net income. At present, the UAE has recorded the lowest tax rate of 9%compared to other GCC countries. On recalling the G7 countries’ meeting in 2021, the Gulf countries entered into an agreement where a global minimum corporate tax return of 15% was introduced. The United Arab Emirates chose 9% over 15% to reduce its direct impact on entrepreneurs. Business entities are the ones subjected to this direct tax, while individuals’ earning income in their personal capacity, which does not require a commercial license, is not taxable.
IAAS has a team of experts who can provide the best tax guidance and activities related to corporate tax. Our in-depth understanding of tax laws applicable to every industrial sector helps in achieving the best tax resolutions. We make use of our experts’ knowledge of international and local tax laws to draw the best tax solutions. We perform with a vibrant approach, supporting our clients to plan and execute their tax procedures in a systematic and organized manner to achieve compliance with the applicable tax rules and regulations. If you are looking for the best corporate tax consultants in UAE, IAAS will be the right choice for you. We provide you with excellent corporate tax services in UAE.

Corporate Tax Registration

Embark on a seamless corporate tax registration journey in the UAE with our expert guidance. We specialize in facilitating the entire process, ensuring your business adheres to the latest tax....

Corporate Tax Assessment

In the dynamic business environment of the UAE, our dedicated team offers specialized corporate tax assessment services tailored to ensure compliance and financial optimization.....

Corporate Tax Audit

Navigating the intricate landscape of corporate tax audits in Dubai, UAE requires meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of local regulations. Our expert team specializes..

Corporate Tax Return Filing

Navigating the complexities of corporate tax return filing in Dubai, UAE demands a blend of expertise and efficiency. Our dedicated team specializes in ensuring that businesses meet their tax....

Excise Tax Services

The introduction of excise tax in the UAE in 2017, every single person conducting the business of specific products which are considered to be harmful to human health and environment need to pay a tax to the Government. The excise law is applied to products described in the excise goods category, including tobacco, energy drinks, carbonated drinks, etc.
IAAS is one of the leading accounting and bookkeeping firm, which offers excise tax advisory services in the UAE to help business with tax auditing and payment. By availing proper tax consulting services, you can ensure if the reported excise tax liability is accurate and submitted to the authority within the date mentioned by the tax authority.

Excise Tax Registration

Excise tax registration in UAE is required for any business that imports, produces or stockpiles excise goods, or releases them from a designated zone.....

Excise Tax Deregistration

Excise tax deregistration in UAE is required for any business that stopped imports, production, or stockpiles of excise goods ....

Excise Tax Planning

Excise tax registration and payments can easily be confusing for business owners. To help alleviate the stress and make the process easier, we have professionals....

Excise Tax Advisory

IAAS tax advisory services provide expert guidance and assistance to businesses in navigating complex excise tax laws and regulations....

Excise Tax Health Check

The introduction of Excise Tax has impacted several aspects of companies including cash flows, profitability, pricing, statutory compliances, invoicing,....

Excise Tax Return Filing

Businesses are required to file an excise tax return in UAE on EmaraTax Portal online to submit and pay the amount of excise tax for specific tax period....

Digital Marketing

One-Stop Solution for All Your Digital Marketing Needs

We, at IAAS, are committed to providing 360-degree digital marketing services in Dubai, UAE. We have a fully sourced in-house marketing team with professional designers, SEO specialists, Social Media Marketing Team, and talented writers in Arabic and English. Choose us, and let your business grow digitally with professional marketing solutions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The digital landscape is vast, and sometimes, even the best of us can feel a bit overwhelmed. Many who reach out to IAAS share stories of digital challenges,....

Social Media Management (SMM)

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a digital procedure to increase content ranking of websites and homepages on search engines through means of promotion....

Content Marketing Services

Digital Branding & Communication

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